Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seperation anxiety

Know what's a great way to avoid packing? Blogging about packing instead. Packing is much like cleaning, It's neven been one of my strong points. I always manage to find something that's more interesting to do (and pretty much anything is more interesting then packing or cleaning) I worked on packing some of my jewelery and purses today. Last count I had 60 or so purses (last count was also a couple years ago) I've never even attempted to count my jewelery. I won't be unpacking them for another two weeks, so trying narrow down a few pieces to do me in the mean time is increadibly difficult. I like choice. At any given time I carry at least 3 different lipsticks in my purse, so that I can change it up if I feel like it. How am I possibly supposed to know which pieces of jewelery I'll want to wear ahead of time for the next two weeks?
allright allright, off to go do some packing.


  1. OOh I also dislike packing... I feel your pain. I rather clean than pack.

  2. Can't stand packing. The older I get the more it annoys me. Too much stuff- we all need the one key life like James Spader in Sex Lies and Videotapes (btw- if you haven't seen that movie it is another great distraction from packing)