Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to decorate your home like a mature sophisticated adult Part 2

Once Upon a time in a land far far away, there was a beautiful princess that used to post regularly on her blog. One day the princess brought home a kitten that seemed sweet and cuddly. Little did the princess realize that it was an evil kitty. The evil kitty was jealous of the princesses attention to her blog so took to curling up on her laptop so that the princess was helpless to post regularly.
Not buying it? Ok ok, I haven't posted in forever. Miss me?
STILL working on unpacking (there may be a fair bit of procrastination involved) But otherwise life's been great lately. Ran around my apartment snapping a few more pictures so I'd have something to post. Figured I'd include a few more helpful decorating tips.
1. Unpacking boxes is overrated. Boxes make handy storage devices. Time is obviously better spent hanging pictures and doing other essential type things.
2. Colour schemes are for the uncreative. If nothing matches, everything will match. Kinda.
3. For a very sophisticated and elegant look, try to ensure you have as many decorations with faces as possible. Anything cartoonish and childlike is ideal.
4. Killed off the plants you were keeping on your balcony? Buy new ones, no one will be the wiser.
5. Can't afford modern art? Hang paintings you did when you were in preschhol. (Hmm..possibly learn to spell preschool while you're at it) Don't have fancy picture frames? Use tape to secure paintings to wall. Hanging straight is completely optional.


  1. I don't know if I'd be comfortable with some wide-eyed owls watching me make ploppies.

  2. They have manners, they avert their eyes while you do your business. They've been there since I met you, so you must be somewhat comfortable.
    Now get to bed mister.

  3. :D yay, I've missed you and your wonderful posts.
    haha, you two are cute. Dating? *rolleyes*

  4. Thanks hun.
    Yeah, we are :)
    Ain't he charming? lol.

  5. Yes I missed you, glad to see you are back and I AM LOVING the looks of your new digs!

  6. Missed reading your blog. So glad to see this new post. Love the little owls so cute :D

  7. Ohh my gosh, your style is too cute. I especially love your artwork! Ohh and those owls are kinda creepy :)