Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I'll be wearing this Spring

The kiddies are back in school, the weather's getting colder and the days getting shorter. That can only mean one thing- Spring Fashion. Sure we're only starting to break out the sweaters now, but we need something to get us through the long cold winter, so we'll look ahead to Spring. I recently attended New York Fashion week (and by attended I mean browsed through pictures on my laptop at home while wearing a bathrobe) and have decided come spring I'm going to incorporate a lot more ballgowns into my wardrobe. Though I don't attend many balls, my workplace has a fairly liberal dress code, so I'm thinking I'll take to wearing my fancy frocks at the office. Of course my pretty dresses may get creased if I try and sit in them for 8 hours at a desk, so I may have to hire someone to sit and actually do my work for me. I'll just stand nearby overseeing their work and looking glamorous. Hmm..on second thought standing around for 8 hours may get a little boring, so I think I'll need to hire some puppeteers to entertain me. They can reenact scenes from the movie "The Room". Of course this all these ballgowns and hired help will eat up a lot of my paycheck, but dammit I'll look smashing!


  1. LOL! Your so silly... but I love it. I wish I could do the same. We can both stand around being glam while the "help" dose the hard work :D

  2. I would particularly love to be standing around "supervising" in the sixth look - that beautiful ball gown with the white detailing of flowers. These are so very lovely - I really like your eye for fashion!!!