Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Myself, a work in progress.

Good news, I wasn't eaten by a carnivorous giraffe or anything horrible, just haven't been in a blogging mood in quite some time. I originally started this as a Fashion Blog, or a "Me twirling around in pretty dresses blog" but it seems to of moved away from that. I haven't posted anything at all in months, but even going through the posts I had before my extended absence, I wasn't concentrating on fashion very much then. I still admire pretty things and enjoy seeing who's a fashion hit or fashion miss and such, but haven't been putting in as much effort to my own apparel as I used to. I haven't resorted to wearing Crocs and elastic waist sweat pants or anything that obscene, but my daily uniform is usually jeans and a sweater or something along those lines. I think the reason I started blogging was that I was looking for some kind of way to connect to people. (lol, or maybe even more so, as a way to be validated and complimented.) I called out into the dark vastness of the internet and actually heard something back. The best part is that I heard back from voices all over the world. I started this blog at a strange time in my life. My marriage of 6 years was dissolving and then ended. Besides being a way to connect with people, it also provided a much needed distraction. I was talking last night with someone about how we change and evolve with time. How you have memories of times long before, but despite them being your own memories they feel like they're almost of someone else. You no longer feel like the same person you once were. I feel like a different person then I was when I first started this blog. Some things remain the same, I still have the same best friends I've had since childhood, I still like shopping for secondhand junk, I still like sad movies. Some things have changed a lot, I've developed a dark and lurid addiction to sushi, I've started enjoying watching awful movies (The Room, Troll 2 and Mega Piranha are among the best of the worst) and have fallen in love again. I feel like I'm not the person I used to be, but haven't quite figured out who she's been replaced with. It's not necessarily a bad thing, I wasn't happy as the person I used to be, just sometimes a perplexing thing. I've tried to make this blog a reflection of myself, so if it's to continue doing so, it won't really concentrate on fashion any longer. I'm sure I'll still be fairly narcissistic and post a lot of pictures of myself. However, it'll probably be a bit more about figuring out who I am. A kind of journal of my thoughts and things I feel compelled to share. I'm glad to have passengers on the journey, but should probably caution you that I have no idea where we're going.


  1. I wish you good luck with all the changes and will be watching and waiting for anything you decide to post. I also havent been posting much. At first it was mostly cause I was working and wearing all black isnt really exciting for a fashion blog LOL! But also had several things happen that kept me busy or distracted (like losing the job that kept me busy in the first place) So I can totally relate to the not posting much thing.

    Im looking forward to seeing what you come up with to post about and I hope all the new changes in your life have been and will continue to be good ones.

  2. I was so glad to see your post - I just commented in my own blog that I realy missed you. But it's understandable with the changes happening in your life that you were not blogging.
    I hope you continue to blog from time to time on your journey through life - I believe you have a very distinctive "voice" and taking your readers on your journey will be great.
    Remember, some of the best trips we take in our lives are those that we have no real idea where they are going!!! All the best to you.

  3. So glad to see you alive and well! Glad you are taking your time and figuring out where life takes you now! You do look happy thought and as long as there arent any crocs in your future i'm good with that! Missed you!

  4. SO SO glad you are back - I could care less if you focus on fashion or not. I'm currently blogging my way through life as my marriage is ending - in the end, blogging is for you, not for anyone else.


  5. Aww, thanks guys :)
    I'll write you all more detailed responses back later, but it's great to hear from you. I appreciate all your support and words of encouragement.

  6. You are such a sweetheart and I'm happy to see you blogging again, period! As Sarah said, blogging is for you and no one else-- your audience will find you.

    Great to hear you're in love again, and he's a cutie, to boot!

  7. I'm glad you're back too. I really have enjoyed your blog!