Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bling of the Day 03/31/2010

The picture of me above is from my trip to New York a couple years ago. (taken in Washington Square Park) My best friend and I spent about 5 days in the city that never sleeps (and as we couldn't figure out how to turn down the heat in our crappy hotel room, we really didn't sleep much either) We had an amazing time. We started out every morning at this European style cafe ( I ate cheesecake for breakfast every morning! Soooo delicious!) and then spent everyday walking around the city until we thought our feet would fall off. Among other things we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, took a horse carriage ride through Central Park, saw a Broadway musical and did a heck of a lot of shopping. Where'd I score the best stuff? The Hells Kitchen Flea Market. The flea market was full of vintage, second hand and antique goodies. One of my finds were these earrings. They remind me of Edwardian style jewelery. I'm not quite sure how old they are. I love them and wear them all the time. Shopping at the flea market is one of my favourite memories from my trip. Everyone was so friendly and one of the vendors even serenaded us with "O Canada" when he found out that's where we were from. I'm sure there's probably some rude New Yorkers, but we were left wondering where the stereotype came from because everyone was so nice to us. If you're in New York, I'd highly recommend checking out the market.


  1. They are really beautiful. I have been to NY once. I did not do much as I was visiting my brother but found the business rather annoying. I did however, appreciate the fact that I could get a slice of pizza on any given corner at 3 in the morning :)

  2. I didn't find in too crowded or busy, but I'm also pretty used to Toronto (which population-wise isn't as big, but a lot of it's pretty condensed in the downtown core, where NY is a little more spread out) Also we were the February, so not a huge tourist season. I loved it. Not sure if I could live there, but visiting was cool. lol, Pizza availability at 3am is always a bonus.
    Loved that there was a Starbucks on every corner too. (for coffee, lol, but even more so for decent washrooms. "I have to go to Starbucks" was our code phrase for needing a bathroom break.

  3. LOving your blog! I like accessories too but often don't know exactly how to wear them! :)
    I am getting some good ideas from you! :) Check out my blog! Would love if you followed.

    When/if you get an online store, I will be the FIRST in line to buy some of your jewels! Fabulous! I LOVE the statement necklaces and fabulous earrings! Blessings!

  4. I was actually just checking out your blog last night. I'm in love with your hair, it's amazing!
    Really liked your latest post about dresses.
    I find wearing accessories easy, to me it's like putting on pants, I don't feel dressed unless I'm accessorized. lol, there's not much of a method to my madness, no matter what I'm wearing I throw on a big necklace or other piece of jewelery.
    I've been pondering the idea of maybe selling some stuff :)

  5. Great! ;) You are really beautiful! Keep doing what you are! If you like DB would love if you followed! :) I could use the support! Check out some of my older posts. (2009) Took a break from writing but now I'm back! Blessings! Like I said, first in line! :) LOL!