Monday, March 8, 2010


These dresses I'm still on the fence about.
The more I see Nicole Richie's dress the more I start to like it. I wouldn't like it on just anyone, but I think she's pulling it off. It's kinds 70's kimono-esque. Loving her eye makeup too, very dramatic.

Diane Kruger's outfits often make me ponder. I love that she takes risks. The middle section of the dress throws me off, as do the black flower details.

I Almost like Deborah Ann Woll's dress. It looks like it's missing some layers from the bottom and I'm not 100% sure about the neckline (it needs straps or to be sewn shut or something) I do like the grey colour though and the overall shape of the dress.

Amanda pulls off the bubble wrap chic better then Jennifer Lopez did, still not sure if I'm buying it though. I like the cut, not so sure about the colour (and texture) I'm a little tempted to throw some paint on her or bedazzle her or something, the overall look is a little yawn inducing.

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