Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'd rather go naked?

One of the big trends seen on the runways for fall 2010 is fur. I don't think any other material has ever been so controversial. I'm not even entirely sure where I even stand on the matter. On one hand, I'd feel kind of funny buying fur, but wouldn't think twice about buying a leather purse or chowing down on a steak. On one side of the argument fur is actually pretty green and eco- friendly. It's a natural, renewable resource. It's far more long lasting then many of the cheap synthetic materials that are used to make clothing and it's biodegradable, where the synthetic materials are not. I used to think fake fur was a much better alternative to the real thing, but one gallon of petroleum – a non-renewable resource – is needed to produce three synthetic jackets.
On the other side of the argument though, there seems something morally wrong with clubbing a seal pup. They have got to be the cutest and most defenseless creatures on earth. Killing a living being to wear it's carcass it pretty morbid. Straddling the fine line between right and wrong is recycled fur. It's a growing industry in Canada and considered by many to be the lesser of two evils. Quebec company Harricana is the industry leader. According to their web-site, by recycling old furs, they have saved the lives of more than 600,000 animals over the past 15 years. They've also extended the life of more than 60,000 coats, which would never have been worn if they had not been remodelled. The fight about fur isn't one which I care to join, I really don't know which side I'd be on. For now I'll just watch from the sidelines while hugging a baby seal and eating a hamburger.

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