Monday, March 8, 2010

The 'It Could of Been Worse' Award

There are certain people that you can't expect greatness from on the red carpet. You learn to expect the worst and occasionally are pleasantly surprised when the results aren't too shabby. This year it's a tie between Meryl and Mariah.

Meryl tends to lean a little on the drab side. Here she looks modern and elegant though. I would of preferred a little more glamour and glitz, but I've seen much much worse on her, so I'll take it.

Mariah on the other hand tends squeeze into the shortest and tightest dress possible. This dress actually fits well. The blue colour is a nice change on her. She's still showing a little much leg, but for her this is practically a nuns habit. (she has some pretty nice gams too, so I can't entirely blame her for wanting to show them off)

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