Friday, May 14, 2010

As you wish

Holy crap, I just looked and my blog has been viewed 10,003 times! lol, I'm sure I was 9,000 of that checking to see if you guys have left comments and such.
Just got home from the movies, I saw Robin Hood. It was kinda craptacular. So disappointed because I really like Cate Blanchett, she's pretty much the reason I bothered seeing the movie. Robin Hood Men in Tights is much better. I think I'll re-watch it sometime soon. (I only watched it 50 or so times when I was a kid) What are your favourite childhood movies? My other ones are Labyrinth, Willow and The Princess Bride. I've seen them all a zillion times and will probably watch them a zillion more.
So glad the weekend is here! I'll be heading to Toronto in the morning for Marie's annual clothing swap. Afterwords we're going to head to a bar for a friend's birthday. It'll be my first time going out as a newly single woman. eeek, I don't know how to be single. lol. Sunday we're going to take some photos for the launch of my etsy store. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with some quality friends.
Outfit today:
Dress: Thrifted Value Village
Shoes: Payless
Purse: vintage, had it a few years, can't 100% remember where I got it. Probably Goodwill or Value Village or such. I added the pin on.
Necklace: Thrifted Salvation Army
Cardigan: Old Navy, Grabbed it on the way out the door cause it was a little Chilly.
I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to do a post tomorrow. If I miss it, I'll catch up Sunday. To make up for it I'll be wearing a dress tomorrow with a gratuitous amount of cleavage, lol, so now you have something to look forward to.


  1. Awesome shoes and an even more awesome purse! I need to shop with you sometime.

  2. love it! I love that your so colorful!

  3. That dress is so cute, and the coloring is really amazing on you! I envy how you can rock the reds!

  4. Hahaha! I definitely know what you mean about checking for comments all the time!

    You look gorgeous in red!

  5. The print is so pretty and I love the necklace too, you look beautiful!

  6. Eh, you will do fine as a single girl. All you got to do is look good (witch you already do) and laugh and have fun till a guy gets brave enough to come up and talk with you (usually once your seprated from your gal pals, guys are shy about approching groups of women).

    I love the color thing going on with the dress and assesorys. Its really well put together.

  7. First of all, I love that dress. I think the lingerie inspired piping is so classic.

    And I am a Princess Bride freak. My husband and I quote it all the time. I wave and say, "Have fun storming the castle" everytime he leaves for work.

  8. And I am going to give you my mom's advice for guys - You find the one you want and stand next to him and say, "What? Did you say something to me? I could have sworn you said something to me?" If your really feeling brave (or you have a few cocktails in you) she says you should say "I could have sworn you offered to buy me a drink."
    She is on her 3rd Hubby so I suppose it works... LOL

  9. I love your dress!

  10. This is fabulous on you - love it. You have a ton of fun in Toronto and show them what style really is - cause you have it in spades.

  11. oh my gosh!! beautiful dress, what day are you on now? :) not many days left, yay, we can do it! :D

  12. Love that lipstick.. RED the color of power and delight!
    I have that same purse in ecru... Love it for summer.
    You look smashing darling!

  13. What a pretty outfit! This dress looks spectacular on you and I love how you added red accents like the necklace, shoes, and lipstick!

  14. Your dress is gorgeous, I love the contrast of the lipstick and your porcelain skin, gorgeous!

    From Dolly

  15. Nice look!