Monday, May 10, 2010

The end is near!

So, guess what I'm doing right now...making cupcakes that look like boobs. lol, there is a reason (not that you really need one) it's National Denim Day to raise money for Breast Cancer Research tomorrow, so at work we're having a bake sale. I was supposed to make pink coloured goodies, but i thought this was more fun. The end is nearing for the 27 dresses in 27 days challenge. I can see jeans at the end of the tunnel. I've enjoyed the challenge though. I love jeans, but they're easy to fall back on. It takes more work to wear dresses every day (not to mention more shaving) I've had to think outside of the box to find enough dresses. I've bought dresses that were too big and too small and found ways to make them work. Today's dress is in the slightly too big category. If I was buying it in a regular store I probably would of bought it a size smaller. Buying it from Value Village I didn't have that luxury, so worked around it by belting it in. Unfortunately by the time I take my pictures it's usually the end of the day, so it's looking a little rumpled here. It was pretty chilly again today, but it give me a chance to show you another coat from my winter wardrobe.
Rest of the outfit was:
Stockings, earrings and necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Le Chateau
Belt: Piece of ribbon from Fabric Land
Coat: Old Navy
Beaded Purse: H&M
I attempted to curl my hair today and ended up looking like a deranged poodle. Think my hair's a little too short still to curl it properly. I ended up spraying it with water and brushing out most of the curl, so ended up with a slightly wavy look.


  1. Thank you! It's always nice to hear such a nice comment about my writing. :)

    That shade of blue is gorgeous with your eyes. And I love those wee earrings.

    One trick I use with too-big dresses is pulling the fabric tight at the waist in a sort of rosette shape and then pinning it with a brooch - can look very pretty!

  2. The blue coat looks amazing on you. The colors goes so well with you face and eyes. You need to wear that color everyday! LOL you look great as always!

  3. That blue coat really brings out your eyes, it looks fantastic.

  4. Wow, you pulled it off again , with your chic style, I know that you are looking forward to slipping into those jeans, but I shall miss your glam dress post's!Wondered if you could let me know which photo of me you think I should use for the front page of my website? Have a stylish day! Sharon xx

  5. I love this look and you look so pretty in these photos. When that first photo of you opened on my page it made me smile. You look happy!

    I hope you raised loads of money with your boob-cakes! x.

  6. Wow, those accessories really make the outfit! How pretty!!

  7. You look lovely! I really think we need to wear dresses like these and have a tea party with a boob cake. You in?

  8. Boob cake! Fun! Love the outfit as usual. You have great taste :D

  9. Thanks everyone!
    Em: aww, you're comment made me smile even more. It's like a vicious cycle of smiling!
    Stiletto: Hells yeah! Sounds like a great agenda for our first pale posse meeting.

  10. You look wonderful. I love the accessories you choose.