Sunday, May 30, 2010

My last weekend of freedom

This weekend was my last weekend off before I get stuck working weekends from now until the end of time. I decided to make the most of it. Yesterday I volunteered at a Ride for Dad Motorcycle ride for prostate cancer. I got to hang put with 700 leather clad bikers for about an hour and a half, it's not my usual crowd, but it was actually pretty fun. Like a mature and responsible adult I made sure to show up early (so that I could play on the swings) Next I headed over to my friends house for a dip in the pool. We then went out for sushi and a movie. We saw McGruber, which was actually pretty funny. Afterwords we headed down to the beach for a walk and there was a fair, so we ate some greasy fair food and my friend won me this wonderful superman. I actually wanted the most adorable blow up giraffe, but a little girl won it before us. (brat) However, I think he may make a suitable new boyfriend. He's cute and athletic and doesn't talk back. And if he really annoys me I can easily off him with a thumbtack.
Today I slept in till noon and then went for a nice drive in the country and then met up with some friends to see the Sex and the City movie (not as horrible as I thought it might be, don't know if I can actually say it's good)
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Outfit today:
Dress: Goodwill, it's a little big so I belt it, I may get around to taking it in some day (but probably not)
Sandals: Le Chateau
Necklace: Suzy Shier
Purse: Vintage from Value Village


  1. You look so adorable! I love your dress and necklace!!! :)

    -Christina <3

  2. sounds like a nice weekend. and i kind of feel you on the working weekends since i am almost always at work on saturdays.

    ps:i am a sagittarius too :)

  3. I still think you need to give me that handbag....

    PS cute dress!

  4. I love this outfit, you're so pretty.

  5. I love that dress... too!
    You did such a good job with the belt you can't even tell it's too big (good job)

    ~ Little Lulu

  6. That dress is GORGEOUS, I love it.