Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Bloom

I took another half vacation day today. I'm going through my vacation time pretty quickley, but I need some time off to process stuff right now. Having the first half of the day off gave me an oppportunity to go to Sunnidale Park to take some pictures. The park is about 10 mintes from my house. It used to be a golf course, but somtime back in the 70's it got converted into a park. I decided to lay down in the dandilions for a couple pics and ended up with yellow all over my jacket. lol, most of the pictures taken lying down didn't even end up looking all that great, I looked like a corpse in most. Today's dress was a thifted find yesterday from Goodwill for $7. It's a good two sizes too small for me, I actually can't zip up the back. Fortunetely if I wear a blazer or cardigan over top no one's the wiser. (shhh)
The hat was also scored at the same Goodwill. I decided to try and mix up the outfit a bit. Modern & Vintage and Tough and Pretty. lol, kinda reflects my mood as of late.
Rest of the outfit is:
Shoes: Old Navy
Stockings: Forever 21
jacket: Addition Elle
Bracelet: Aldo's
Purse: Goodwill (different location, got this one over the weekend)
Necklace: Bought in Buffalo on Black Friday a couple years ago. The day was such a flurry of sleep deprived shopping insanity that I can't remember which store it was from.


  1. Love the patterns and textures and colours going on in this! It all just works.
    Was this photo shoot taken solo? If so, kudos! I am waay too afraid to go out in public with my tripod! Haha.
    Lovely photos.

  2. Thanks :)
    I made the Grumpy Danish take my pictures. I just have a little point and shoot type camera, so I need someone else to do it. I can do a decent shoulders and up pic of myself, but otherwise I need a photographer.

  3. That bracelet is awesome. The hat is great, people should wear more hats.

  4. Thanks, I know I love hats :)
    I always feel a little silly wearing them cause no one else does.

  5. I LOVE your hat. And genius idea wearing the dress unzipped with a cover-up - I got a gorgeous 50s dress at Buffalo Exchange before we left Texas, and it's too small in the bodice. The dressmaker is going to try and alter it for me, but if it doesn't work properly I'll try your method!

  6. Love your stlye it's hard to describe its like a mix of vintage/retro with a sort of rock chic feel. I just adore it. Like you I have a blog if your keen to check it out here's the link
    Thanks and keep up the great work
    Beckyx xx

  7. I want to go shopping with you to see how you do it! I shop at Goodwill all the time, but you consistently find such great pieces, it's fantastic.

    By the way, I gave you a couple of blog awards:

  8. You look beautiful- seriously cute pictures btw!

  9. Thanks all! lol, I thought I may of looked a little 'old lady going to church' with the hat, so I appreciate the positive comments.
    C & Plussizequeen: I've checked out your blogs and am now following :)
    Annissa: Thanks so much hun!

  10. I LOVE IT!!! such a cute dress and lovely photos I love them!

  11. I love this dress! Keep taking the time you need hun.

  12. I love your style girl! putting your blog on my blogroll promptly! :)

    would love for you to check out my blog :)

    xoxo Anika

  13. Could you be any more fabulous? Love the outfit and the pictures, stunning.

  14. eww i love the hat! and the dress is absolutely darling love the shoes .. old navy nice!

  15. gorgeous all around! love the garden !!

  16. You look stunning in that dress! And you definitely didn't look like an 'old lady going to church', it goes great with the entire outfit.