Monday, May 24, 2010

This little Princess went to market.

To make up for 27 days of wearing dresses straight, I'll now be wearing pants for 27 days. lol, nah, not really. But I've been fully taking advantage and wearing them the last couple days. Today's pictures were actually taken yesterday. I spent the day shopping with my mama. I included pictures of some of my finds from thrift shopping. I also scored a couple dresses, shoes and some jewelery, but I'll hold of on showing you everything in one post, or I'll have nothing left post about later. As you can see, I managed to find some new fishnets in pretty summer colours. I still want to find some yellow ones, I may have to give in and place an order to We Love Colours. The pantyhose pictured, I have no intention of wearing. I just thought the package was really cool. I found an old childrens book full of these awesome illustrations. I plan on taking some of them out and framing them to decorate my apartment. The recipe cards I'm also going to frame and put up in the kitchen. I want to do a kind of retro feel for the kitchen, so fondue recipe cards are perfect. The slightly offensive rum bottle will also be displayed in the kitchen.
I also included a picture of Kensington market in Toronto and Chinatown. They're right next to each other and two of the coolest places in town. Kensington market is this eclectic neighbourhood full of vintage clothing stores, fruit stalls, cheese shops, hippies and coffee shops. The houses and buildings are painted wonderfully bright and clashing colours. The store in the photo is my favourite store there, called Courage my Love. It's a vintage shop that's been there since the 70's. You can find the amazing things inside from old hats and purses, to buttons and beads to Mexican wrestling masks. I managed to spend $25 on old buttons from the 40's that I plan on making into earrings.
The outfit features one of my favourite shirts. I bought it last summer and nearly wore it to death. It's been ressurected to see me through another summer. The necklace is the beauty I talked about in my post yesterday. It's H&M at it's best. A lot of the time their jewelery makes me yawn, but then every once in awhile, they come out with a piece like this.
shirt: Winners
Jeans: Reitmans
Shoes: Urban Planet
Necklace: H&M
Purse: Value Village. (I actually bought it yesterday and changed purses because it matched my outfit better. Halfway through the day I managed to bust the zipper on it and then towards the end of the day the strap broke off. lol, might not of been the amazing deal I thought it was originally)


  1. This is so great. Love the market shops and vintage style feel to what you were looking at... The pants look good too!

    I love shopping trips with mum. x.

  2. Great photos, looks like a fun time with your Mom! That top is super cute too!

    Love ya

  3. Your so lucky to have this kind of relationship with your mom!
    You look really sophisticated in these trousers and red top. :)

  4. wat a fun day for the princess and the queen! u both look super cute and i love how u paired this outfit with the yellow flats. supa cute!

  5. ugh you are always dresses so cute!!! and you have the best pictures always, so cute Ilove them all! <3 ox

  6. I am loving Courage my Love!