Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pray for us sinners

When I first put on this dress this morning someone said I looked like a Sunday school teacher. My prompt response contained a expletive or two that would surely get me expelled from bible study. Hopefully by the time I had a cardigan layered overtop, my fishnets on and some heels I didn't look quite so matronly. Looking at the overall effect, I think I'll go for a different belt next time though. Remember how yesterday I said at least it wasn't snowing? It snowed today. In May. What the frickin frick?
My plans of garage saleing were dashed, so to the Antique Mall I went instead (see my post below) afterwords we went to the movies (saw Iron Man 2, not bad) and then drove out to the farm to get some fresh asparagus and a pie (which I promptly burnt once getting home) Now I'm curled up in bed and plan on watching one of my favourite movies: Amelie! I've probably seen it 10 times already, but it always makes me so happy.
I hate always taking my picture in the same spot, so I attempted to get some outside today. lol, as you can see from the one lovely shot it didn't work so well.
Today's outfit was:
Dress: Thrifted Value Village
Cardigan: Reitmans
Stockings: Forever 21
Purse: Vintage, a gift from my mama
Black necklace: Forever 21
Purple Necklace: Antique Mall (I changed into after buying it this afternoon)
Shoes: Zellers
Belt: Laura


  1. I love the cardi with the dress :D

    I see the snow... too cool! I both miss and not miss snow now that I live in FL. I miss seeing it and I miss playing in it, but I dont miss the cold or driving in slushy dirty snow (Im originally from Missouri, moved to Florida).

  2. I love this outfit! It's too bad the weather wasn't better because it's the perfect spring outfit.

  3. It's so cute how the asparagus match your sweater! You look like a ray of sunshine today :)

  4. I so love the way you put together your outfit! :) you look so pretty!:)

  5. clap clap clap clap! This dress is so energising!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

  6. You look fab in green doll! Love this look, and those tights are HOT!