Monday, May 3, 2010

Tragic Kingdom

Sigh. I need a hug.
Going through some stuff right now that's not real fun. Every 20 seconds I change to feeling a different emotion and it's pretty exhausting. Can't really go into details at the moment, but some pretty big changes are happening.
On the upside I found this fab hat. I love hats, but often the vintage ones are a little on the small side for my big head. This one just kinda perches on top though. I also scored a cute vintage purse (probably wear it tomorrow) and some fun post cards from the 50's that I plan to post on my fridge. Antiquing always cheers me up a bit. For more on some great hats, see and her post today about hats, or check out some of the pictures from the Kentucky Derby yesterday.
My 30 purses in 30 days journey continues (completely lost track of which day I'm on, so I might just keep it up till I run out) Today's 'purse' is actually a vintage sewing basket. I like using items and using them differently then how they're intended. (almost bought a 70's plastic toy drum to use as a purse today, but due to budget constraints the hat won)
Rest of the outfit is:
Dress: The Bay
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Suzy Sheir
Rings: H&M
Stockings: Forever 21
Hat: Vintage


  1. OMG I need that hat in my lIFE like NOW!! Why are you so cute, please come over and bring your closest with you, please!!!

  2. What a cool idea to use the sewingn basket into a purse!

  3. *HUG* Feel better soon! I LOVE your "purse" !!!

  4. Ok, my 3rd attempt to leave a comment. Whew!
    Loving the dress, B&W my personal fave. I'm a sucker for Pink talons.
    Off to the hat blog TY
    Big hugs, a good nights sleep and a shot of brandy ought to cure what ails ya. :0)

  5. *hugs tight* feel better hun.
    You look lovely, and you must have the most fun bag collection ever! :D

  6. Love your dress and that first ring! A virtual hug for you. Wishing you strength to get through whatever it is.

  7. Pretty and plucky. That's my girl.
    Love, your mama

  8. Sending a big old hug your way. I think we underestimate the power of a simple touch or hug. sometimes thats all we need. Lovely outfit and love the bag, soo cute!

  9. Lots hugs lady - don't let the change get you down! Also can i have that ring?

  10. You look beautiful hun, I love the dress *hugs*

  11. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time hun, it seems to be going around. If you feel like talking it out let me know. Love that hat and those tights, you look good!

  12. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch - on the upside, though, your look today is mahvelous! Love it, all of it. Especially the dress.

  13. *hug* I hope things start going better for you soon. You will make it through!