Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The hardest button to button

Hello my lovlies. Happy hump day! lol, though not much humping for since I became newley single. Working to rectify that though, I just signed up for an online dating site. I'm not looking to jump into anything right away, more just curious to see what's out there. How do you guys feel about online dating? I kind of feel like it's a necessasary evil. I don't go out to bars or clubs often (and when I do tend to find a lack of quality potential mates most times) so meeting new people can be a little tricky. Outfit today wasn't overly fancy, it features a couple new additions from my weekend shopping trip though. The skirt I found at a thrift store (think it's originally from Sears) the stockings were from Value Village (they're new, second hand stockings would be a little icky) and the earrings are made of some of the buttons I found at the vintage store. Rest of the outfit is:
T-shirt: clothing swap, it's GAP (lol, and apparently a little see-through when taking pictures with flash)
Shoes: Zellers
Necklaces: the round beads I got awhile ago from Value Village & the other one's from a store in Toronto called Fashion crimes. I often wear them together.
I don't think I'm loving this T-shirt with the skirt, but I was a little pressed for time this morning and anything else I found was waaay too hot. It's crazy warm here right now, warmer then Hawaii and L.A. What the frick? Guess that's what I get for complaining about the snow a couple weekends ago.


  1. i just love how u accessorize! looking great hun :) i love the earrings... and the necklaces just go so well w/the whole outfit!

    - Iza

  2. you look lovely! =] adorable lil' buttons!

    and I love your necklace!


  3. Adorable, as always.
    Good for you on joining a dating site! I joined one for research a year ago, (Legit research, I was directing a film where the characters meet online!) and nothing really came of it. I'm much too afraid to really put myself out there I think.
    Be sure to update how things go!

  4. I like the little buttons. That is awesome that you joined an online dating site. it is definitely an experience but I know plenty of people who have met and done well with it (including myself :) ) It's a good place to start if you don't meet new people too often. Good luck!

  5. I agree--those buttons are awesome! :D

    If you don't mind sharing, keep us updated on the dating website! I'm super curious about it! :D

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  6. You look absolutely adorable,as always. As for online dating, I think it's a good idea to help you get out there and re-learn how to date. I actually met my husband online more than 9 years ago, although it wasn't through an online dating site. We just happened to meet in a chatroom. Same thing though. We felt much more comfortable being ourselves online and then when we actually met up, it was like we were old friends. Mine was a good experience obviously, but I've heard both good and bad. Still, it's good to put yourself out there and meet new people.

  7. Sorry about your break up, but good luck on the dating site :D I think it's a great idea, I meet my bf online too, not on a online dating site but on a Mafia online game, HAHA! never did I think it was gonna turn out this way, now he's in Sweden with me, SO! great things can happen meeting someone online, for example. you really get the chance to get to know the person before meeting. :) keep us updated.
    You're so pretty and beautiful and you have such a nice personality, who can say no to you? ;)

  8. Don't just try dating sites. Join sites that are about hobbies or other things you like. I actually got to know my current boyfriend as a friend on a sims 2 site after my ex (who was my current at the time) told me to quit complaining about how ugly my sims where and to do a search for downloads for them. I joined several sites but quickly became comfortable at one of them and started actually talking to a few people. My current boyfriend was the 3rd person I got to know on the site and I was a big fan of his sims 2 story he wrote. When I broke up with my ex it was him and a few of my other friends on the site that I ended up talking with about the break up. He actually invited me to come meet him and stay in his guest room if I had no wear else to go. I ended up staying with a friend for a week or so and all that time I was talking with the man that would end up my current boyfriend. He helped me get my confidence back, flirted with me, and was a good friend. Eventually I decided "what the heck, I have a little spare cash left. I will go see him and mabey apply for some jobs down in FL. Mabey I will find something and end up getting my own place." Well... ended up like the day he picked me up at the airport we hit it off in person as much as we where online so I stayed as his girlfriend dispite how hard it was to find a job down here.

    So Online can be ok if your lucky and your careful about it. But try more than just dating sites. You might find some new friends at the lease.

  9. Infact. Now that I think about it most people I know who hook up online and become a longer lasting relationship instead of just a hook up the situation is usually a non dating site that is a about a common intrest they have. My boyfriends sister found her husband on a starwars forum for example.

  10. you always have to cutest stuff!! <33 love it

  11. I want to go button shopping...