Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wearing a cape makes me a superhero right?

Hope everyone had a great mothers day. I spent the day with my mama doing what we do best, shopping! Found a couple really cute items I can't wait to show off over the next little while. When we woke up this morning, the ground was covered in snow. Yuck. It all melted by noon though (and before I was able to snap many pics, just got the one of the tree in our front yard. Most of the snow was melted off, but you can see a little bit if you look close) It still stayed really cold throughout the day, which was a great excuse for breaking out my cape. The cape I found while shopping with my mama one day in the fall. I saw it and though "ha ha, look at the silly cape. I'll try it on for fun." Joke was on me though, cause I loved it and bought it. Today's dress I've shown a zillion times before, but it's my favourite. It's my only time wearing it during these 27 days, so only wearing one of your favourite things once during 27 days is quite a feat.
Between shopping we stopped down by the lake so my mama could snap some pictures for me. It was FREEZING and so windy. MY cape actually ended up blowing up over my head at one point like those head funnels they put on dogs to keep them from chewing their stitches. At the lake we saw an adorable goose family. Mama Goose was pretty protective and didn't let us get too close, we got hissed at. (A hissing goose is actually pretty scary) My mom managed to grab a couple pics though.
Outfit today was:
Dress & Stockings: Ricki's
Cape: Sears
Necklace: Some little store in Montreal
Shoes: Zellers
Purse: Aldo's


  1. What a fantastic mother's day. I am so psyched I have daughters so that some day they can spend a mother's day shopping with me too.

    Love the Cape. And thanks for the award. I am writing my acceptance speech right now...

  2. Aw. Great cape and dress!
    LOL. I made some Geese hiss one time, it's actually hilarious and scary because they'll peck you haha

  3. lol, I know, I saw my grandpa get chased by a swan one time. They can be vicious. (it was pretty funny to watch though)

  4. um YEAH! THAT cape sure does! loooove it... looks wonderful on u... especially with the shades of emerald green dress and grey shoes... and it looks soo comfy... glad u had a lovely momma's day with ur momma :)

  5. The cape just made me smile from ear to ear! Although us Canadians are suppose to love our geese, I could never get that close to one without being chased down, they absolutely hateee me LOL!

    Love the look, the tights are killer, very cute :)

  6. I love the tights and the shoe combo. Love.

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  8. I also love the tights and shoe combo!

  9. WOW The cape is beautiful!!!

  10. I love the cape. Best quote ever is " I'm fairly certain that given a cape and a tiara I could save the world"

  11. Love your chic :) Glad you had a great shopping trip!

  12. tue cape and teh dress is to die for! ure my super fashion hero for sure! ;-)

  13. I can't believe you got that cape from Sears! And those tights are too fab!

  14. So chic!!! I definitely love your style!!!