Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kat-O-Gram's Birthday

Happy Sunday darlings!
Yesterday we celebrated Kat-O-Gram's birthday. We started the day by meeting up at a pub downtown. By complete fluke we ran into an old friend from highschool that we hadn't seen in about 9 years. So we spent a couple hours on a sunny patio catching up and reminiscing, eat pub food and playing crazy 8's.
Next we headed for sushi. We met up with a couple more people and gorged ourselves on Japanese food.
After that, it was karaokee time. We went to this slightly sketchy looking karaokee club in Chinatown. You get a room to yourself and just need to reach a tab of $200 in food and drink (there was 9 of us, so it was pretty easy) We belted out everything from Amy Winehouse to Ace of Base to Missy Elliot as loudly (and badly) as we could. I'm not usually much of one for karaokee because I don't like being up in front of a crowd, but in the confines of a small room surrounded by friends I let my inner (out of tune) diva out. lol, voice is a little hoarse today.
Outfit was:
Dress from Joe Fresh
Stockings & Bracelet: Forever 21
Necklace: Aldos'
Shoes: Costa Blanca
Purse: Ricki's


  1. You're really pretty, and those tights are fab.

  2. Dress: Lilly White from Winners
    Cardigan: Forever 21
    Shoes: Transit (on sale for $5 a few Boxing Days ago!)
    Stockings: Stole them from my mom about 10 years ago
    Necklace: was my Granny's

    ... I felt left out, haha ;)

  3. lol, awesome!
    I loved your outfit yesterday, I think you outshone me.
    (To everyone else, Melissa's the one with me in the top picture with the kick ass yellow shoes and the pretty dress)

  4. love the necklace! and you always have the greatest stockings/tights!

  5. Looks like fun, glad you had a good time! Loving that dress and ofcourse those tights!

  6. Love Melissa's yellow shoes, and gotta get me some of them tights!

  7. hey just found your blog! love it!
    now following :)

  8. You sexy beast!! Those fishnets are HOT! Your friend in the white blazer, yeah he's pretty damn dope!

  9. I know, he's fricking fab.

    Thanks all :)

    Welcome Case!