Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm giving in

My plan was to take a day off and not do a post today, but it feels like there's something I need to do. I'm sure if I attempted to go to bed, I'd lie there unable to fall asleep. It's technically past midnight, so really I took Thursday off and this is a post for Friday. Yeah, that's it. I've come far too used to you lavishing attention on me, I can't go a day without it. So, you don't get a full OOTD post, but you do get to see some bling and some pocket elephants. A few bloggers lately have shown the content of their purses. Mine's pretty boring as I change purses every day or two, so a peak inside only reveals 3 tubes of lipstick, my wallet, some pressed powder and some Advil. So, I decided to show you the contents of my drawer at work. I work in a call centre and we don't get to have our own desk. Like deranged hobos we need to pack all our stuff up each night and take the next available desk in the morning. We're given these teensy little plastic drawers to hold our worldly belongings. Needless to say mine is always overflowing and can't be slid into the little plastic compartment as it should, but gets placed on top so the overflowing chaos has plenty of room. It of course is full of increadibly important items though. Upon inspection today I had:
1 old copy of BUST magazine
5 pencil sharpeners
4 erasers
1 tube of Dr. Pepper flavoured lip gloss
1 highlighter
7 unclaimed lottery tickets
1 wind up pony
1 copy of Anokhi magazine (a Canadian magazine marketed towards South Asians, which silly hippes think is strange to read)
5 old notes
3 fabric snowflakes
1 tub of mango-peach hand cream
1 pocket elephant
1 half eaten bag of chocolate covered almonds
1 plastic parachute man
1 hippo finger puppet
1 glue stick
3 daisies I plan on turning into jewelery
and 2 gnawed on pens.
So you can see why I obviously can't get rid of any of it.
The pocket elephant was purchased one day while walking around China Town. The old man selling them agreed to sell two for the price of one, so I kept one for myself and gave one to a certain colour-blind hippy. I decided the little elephants were pocket elephants. In the wild they live in pockets and feast on pocket lint. These two reside in our drawers at work though. The pocket elephants often have to spend time apart, but get together on occassion to have pocket elephant dance parties. Every once in awhile we let them have an overnight visit and they have kinky kinky pocket elephant sex. (yup, that one picture is what you think it is)
My first day after the 27 dresses challenge I took full advantage and wore jeans and a black t-shirt. The outfit isn't terribly exciting, but I wore some of my Indian jewelery to spice it up. I love going to Little India in Toronto. They have the coolest sari and jewelery shops. This set my mama got for me one time.
I'll probably wear something a little spiffier tomorrow and be back with another outfit post.


  1. Yay!!! we completed the challenge! you did great! :D and there's a banner waiting for you, i'll post it on my blog a bit later for you to grab :D *hugs*

  2. LOL the Elepahnts are cute and the pict of them being naughty if funny :P

  3. Yes, the elephants are super cute along with those gorg earrings and necklace

  4. The jewellery looks Indian! I have a thing for elephants, as in I collect lil' elephant figurines or keychains, art work etc. These are super cute <3

  5. Conrads on completing the challenge. Love the necklace.
    And BTW - as long as you post we will lavish attention.