Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This may be my last post ever

This morning I was mortally wounded. Walking downstairs while carrying my cereal I managed to gash my leg on a stray nail. The resulting wound resembles something from a Quentin Tarantino film. I'm pretty sure it was the most painful wound in the history of the world. I've somehow managed to make it through the day at work, but I can no longer feel the cut. This is obviously a sign of gangrene or something far worse. I fear my time left in this world is short. Not being the type of person to complain or overreact, I decided to spend my last few breaths posting my OOTD.
Dress: Laura
Stockings: Forever 21
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: Aldo's
Purse: Icing
Shoes: Steve Madden from Winners.
I bid you all farewell. If by some small chance I make it through the night tomorrow will be the last day of the 27 dresses challenge.

"OOooh! Update! Check out http://musingsofafatshionista.com/2010/05/259-april-2010-fatshion-recap/ For Christina's awesome roundup of April's fashions, including me and many of your other favourite bloggers"....The Princess said with her final breath.


  1. Ow! It was brave of you to spend your last moments blogging. You look amazing in this outfit.

  2. Haha I love you, you atleast if you are going to die you did your last post looking HOT!

  3. Poor thing!! :-( I really hope you make it through the night (and perhaps get a tetanus shot?) because I love your blog! This outfit is hot & you are smokin'!!

  4. Hope it gets better. Sucks when you think the day is great and then you have something like running into a nail happen. At lease you look great :D

  5. Oh no! I shall forever mourn the loss of such an amazing fatshionista. I will go on & tell everyone about your wonderful outfits, gorgeous stockings & beautiful smile! Your spirit will live on!

    Hope the cut heals well for you sweety!

  6. You will survive :-)
    Take a look at a post from Sunday
    You'll see my gash

  7. Get better soon! I want to see more gorgeous photos from you!

  8. love this one!

    i hope your wound heals quickly.

  9. This post is so funny! I love the drama. I must say that I am no. 1 impressed by your commitment to wear dresses for 27 days... wow and no. 2 you blog has evolved so much in those 27 days. I totally get your point of view and your fun quirky personality. Great job!

  10. LOL I love your sarcasm, it always makes for a good read. ;) I LOVE this dress, I'm wearing something similar to it in gold for prom, I can't rock red like you can! LOVE the look, I would KILL for that necklace also!

    - Franceta ♥ :)

  11. aw. :) great post. hehe love the outfit

  12. Your dedication is admirable - your last breaths nooo. lol Seriously,you poor thing. Get better soon. You look beautiful - the tights and the dress - YES!! Love them. V x

  13. OMG! lol never scare me like that again!
    haha Take care of the oozing leg lady ;)

    && Love the dress! I have a pic of me in this exact dress, well not exact because it is blue lol Cute!