Thursday, April 15, 2010

Accessorizing 101

Neutral Accessories are ones you can wear with almost anything. Like jeans or black trousers you can throw them on without worrying too much about if they match. Each of the necklaces here you could throw on with a million other outfits. Gold and silver jewelery goes with almost any other colour. Pearls are extremely versatile, they easily dress up any outfit. You can wear one strand pile on twenty depending on the look you want. For other neutral accessories, think of neutral colours. When shopping for accessories, Black, Grey and Brown are always safe bets for being easy to match.


  1. i actually like the first picture the best without the necklace! your skin and your smile are so pretty you don't need adornments!

  2. aww thanks :)
    lol, don't think I'll be giving up my adornments anytime soon though. They're too much a part of who I am.