Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Exam - Putting it all together

Shoes and purses help can help you to bring the whole look together. Again, I don't like to match too much, I don't believe in matching shoes and purses. The trick is to find things that have the same feel to them. Try and think of a mood or look you want to convey and then find pieces that help you show it. Similar fabrics and finishes help you look put together. The green shoes pictured match the feel of the leather tooled bag. They don't match, but the leather detail on both coordinates them. Same with the green purse with the brown shoes, both are structured and have an alligator skin texture.
Feel free to leave any tips you have!


  1. Girl you have some REALLY good pieces! I like how you put it together! You also know what colors work well with you! You really do have a really regal air about yourself! LOVE the red lipstick! :)

  2. Aww thanks, lol, no one's ever told me that I have a regal air before, that's awesome :)