Monday, April 12, 2010

Bakery Crawl & BOTD 04/12/2010

Had an awesome awesome weekend. It was Marie's birthday, so Saturday night we ate Tapas and danced the night away. Sunday we had a bakery crawl, we wandered from bakery to bakery gorging ourselves on sweets. It was delicious!!! Also we got inked, mine was on my thigh so the pictures are taken from kinda up my dress, lol, not so flattering, so I won't be posting. The Bling featured, I made Friday night. I took some old purse chains and attached them together, spray painted them yellow and then attached chandelier crystals.


  1. A bakery crawl is the most BRILLIANT idea I have ever heard. My mouth is watering!

    OH! And I am having a giveaway with on my blog - you should enter! :)

  2. Just entered, Thanks for letting me know :)