Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Polka Dot More

Wallis Simpson was wrong, you actually can be too rich or too thin. Too many polka dots though? Never!
Today is the second of three dresses I own featuring our favourite dotty friend. I got this one a couple years ago. It's traveled with me to Cuba and back, you can smoosh it into a suitcase and it comes out looking new. My only complaint is that the straps are a little long, the back of my bra shows, so I usually throw a sweater or something over top.
Dress is yet another one from Rickis
Stockings Forever 21
Shoes Steve Madden from Winners
Purse thrifted from Value Village and re-mixed by me
Necklace (actually wearing 2 of them) from Le Chateau

After posting the Nautical accessories this morning I scored a Nautical-ish dress this afternoon, so be sure check back tomorrow to see it. (I also may of purchased some accessories to go with it shhh...)

More Great Giveaways going on: is giving away a $50 Lucie Lu Giftcard is giving away a seriously adorable Nautical Purse from Dooney & Burke. (would go great with my dress tomorrow) is giving away a beautiful pair of Petit Rococo earrings.
...and stay tuned, I plan on having my own giveaway soon!


  1. Very cute, love the detail! You are so sassy lady!!

  2. I have to agree! U can never have too many polka dots! :)

    I love the bag and the dress...that blue is divine on u beautiful!!! :)

  3. hi gorgeous! this dress is amazing! so cute!

    thanks so much for posting about my giveaway love ... please comment on my post again with the link to ure post to create 2 entries!

    thanks love!

  4. You have sooo many nice stockings!!! a new everyday :D love it, you look lovely in this outfit!

  5. i am totally late but I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT! its so sassy!

  6. lol, it's never too late. I'll always take a compliment.

  7. LOVE your stocking style! Great blog, following you! :)

    Lexy (Beautylicious Fashionista)

  8. Love your outfit. That green is adorable and it is so cheery.

  9. This dress looks great on you and I will have to hi jack your necklace too along with NikStar,lol.

  10. Wow, what a dress. It's beautiful. I like your stockings, too!

  11. That bag is so cute and unique. Lovely outfit!
    Thanks for the mention of my giveaway!

  12. I am so jealous of all of your jewelry. You know how to pull together an outfit with accessories. Love it!

  13. I'm so loving it, you look amazing I love the colors!!!

  14. You look so pretty and I love your stockings! I agree, you can never have too many polka dots.

  15. i swear i have the same shoes from Payless! I love that shape shoe, so comfy for "curvy" ladies ;)
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