Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bittersweet BOTD 04/03/2010

Today's bling is this awesome necklace I got from a store called Bittersweet. They have a couple locations in Toronto, but unfortunately don't seem to sell online. They sell some amazing rhinestone statement jewelery, I've bought a few pieces from them. Photo one was taken a few years ago at a birthday party, the theme was The Rocky Horror Picture Show, hence the gratuitous amounts of cleavage and slightly whorish makeup. Photo two was taken today. Today was supposed to be getting inked day, but my friend and I got a bad vibe from the tattoo place we went, so we're holding off until next weekend and going somewhere else.


  1. OMG!!! I want to find where you live and come pick up MY necklace!!! I want it... and the bustier!!! I love your BOTD posts!!!

  2. Thanks :)
    Though maybe if you're going to come all the way up here we can meet and go shopping and I'll show you where to buy one, instead of showing up at my house and snatching it off my neck. lol.
    Glad you like my BOTD posts, working on today's right now.