Saturday, April 17, 2010

This little piggy is fabulous BOTD 04/17/2010

Feeling somewhere between meh and blah today. Think it's a combination of feeling a bit under the weather and because it frickin snowed today. That's right, snowed. I love Canada, I really do, but every once in awhile I really wonder what my ancestors were thinking when they chose to move here instead of some place like Fiji.
Took a couple pictures of myself wearing today's bling and wasn't really feeling it, so called upon my friend that always looks gorgeous; the porcelain piggy bank. I saw this pretty piggy bank in an antique mall and lusted after it for months. This little piggy was $40 though and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much. Fortunately my mom is awesome and bought it for me as a valentines day present. Sadly the piggy is yet to be named, so if you have any suggestions leave a comment.
Today's bling was actually from my mama as well. It's a necklace from the Czech Republic that sparkles like a drag queen. It was an e-bay purchase originally intended for her to sell (she had a booth in an antique mall for awhile) but I loved it so much she gave it to me for Christmas instead. She might not cook or clean or be a very typical mom in many ways, but my mom is still awesome.


  1. SNOW, ouch... I love your little porcelein piggy. I sold mine years ago, via ebay. Keep her she's pricey and very deserving of that fantabulous necklace!
    How about Duchess for a name?

  2. i like this porcelain :D

    can you visit and follow my blog?


  3. I like it!

    Check out the blog!