Monday, April 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping with the Princess

Today's photo shoot (and by photo shoot I mean the Grumpy Danish begrudgingly taking a couple pictures) was taken at the Grocery Store. I usually work till 9ish and often need to grab groceries afterwords, so I decided to multi-task and get two things done at once. Only got a couple pictures and then got spooked when I heard an announcement about security scanning the store, so I stopped. Didn't get a lot of pictures of today's dress, so included one of me wearing it from before. The picture of me with the hat was taken at work one day when we had dress like your favourite decade day. lol, I think only two of us participated, so I stuck out even more then usual. I'd wear all but the hat on a daily basis though. The dress is yet another one from Ricki's (damm I buy a lot from them)
Rest of the outfit is:
Flower Pin: Vintage Trifari, picked up at a Garage Sale
Pink Bracelet: Thrifted from Value Village
Multi-Coloured Bracelet: Borrowed from my mama, she got it from Claire's
Purse: Vintage
Shoes: Zellers
Stockings: Forever 21, they're the type with the seam up the back, tried taking a picture, but didn't turn out so well.
Well 4 days down on the dress challenge, 23 to go. Not sure if I own that many more dresses, but I'm attending a clothing swap in a week or so, so maybe I can snag a couple more. Purse challenge I've lost track of which day I'm on, but fortunately I have plenty more where that came from, so I'm still good awhile.


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  2. You are just too adorable! I'm seriously lusting after your shoes today.

    EDIT: By that I mean the first pair of shoes. Duh.

  3. haha you're so cute! and a rebel at that! taking pictures in the grocery store. lol love the jewelry as usual.

  4. omg you are too cute for words!! how fun how cute!! I love it!

  5. I love that dress and the colorful accents in your accessories. So cute! So I was thinking about it and I think we should form a pale posse lol


  6. Aww, I'm cute & adorable? Thanks :)
    Stiletto: Deal, The Pale Posse is on!