Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More things I can't afford

A little while ago I posted some jewelery I couldn't afford. I now present to you jewelery I really really can't afford. Seriously, some of these are the price of a castle (see my castle post below) So I won't be getting any of it anytime soon, but I can still dream and drool.
Starting from the top, these are the earrings Amy Adams wore to the Golden Globes last year. The emerald and diamond dazzlers are by Lorraine Schwartz.
Next is a necklace by Irene neurith, I love the Green colour. It can be yours for the bargain price of $18,120.
The next two necklaces are by Filipino designer Bea Valdes. I think they're really interesting and they're actually a bit more attainable, her stuff ranges between $750 and $1650
Last is this Van Cleef and Arpel necklace that Eva Mendes wore to the Golden Globes last year. It's a vintage necklace from 1974 and features 132 turquoise gems accented by 36 carats of diamonds.


  1. You have a gift for finding the most unique pieces! Thanks for following me! It's appreciated! :)

    I know it's a FAR FETCHED DREAM, but I just want to know when you are selling that blue Aldo piece... I've looked EVERYWHERE for it!


  2. Thanks, you've got some great taste too.
    lol, sorry the necklace was a gift, so I won't be parting with it. If I ever see another one I'll grab it though.

  3. Thanks! :) Until then... I'll enjoy looking at your fabulous posts! Hehe! :)

  4. I agree with Deborah! You know I love your taste! I will dream of that green necklace tonight! :)

  5. I love those emerald green leafy earrings! Gorgeous!

    xx from Montreal! I hear we're fellow canadians!


  6. OMFG I most have that blue necklace at once!

  7. Plus size fashion queen: Nice to meet a fellow Canuck! I'll have to quiz you for some good shopping spots for next time I'm in Montreal :)
    Little Lulu: I'm pretty sure you could take Eva Mendes. You may be short, but I know you can be pretty fierce.