Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick Day

As I mentioned in my earlier post I wasn't feeling well, so took a sick day and spent the majority of the day sleeping. It was very tempting to just spend the remainder of the day in pajamas, but I find if I make myself brush my hair, put on some makeup and get dressed I feel a bit better. Managed to drag my sorry butt outside for the Grumpy Danish to take a couple pictures so I could show off my dress of the day. Spent most of the rest of the day just relaxing and plan to do the same tomorrow.
Dress today is yet another one from Ricki's. Bought it a couple months ago, but it's actually my first time wearing it. It was on super duper clearance for about $8. What's great about this 27 dresses in 27 days challenge is that it makes me dig out the frocks I haven't worn or don't wear often instead of relying on a few faves. So thanks again Jennifer :)
Cardigan is from Reitmans
Shoes Costa Blanca
Bracelets Chinatown in Toronto
Necklace vintage
Purse thrifted from Value Village
stockings Forever 21
Belt piece of ribbon I bought from Fabricland


  1. Beautiful outfit! I especially love the stockings and flats.

  2. oh, i love the tights and the bag! and the colour combo is beautiful.

  3. You look so cute! I love your bag.

  4. your fashion game is sick! I love this blog already! huge fan!!!! wurk gurl! lol!

  5. You' ve got style!!
    In love with the necklace, then I saw it was vintage, Yay!

  6. Why are you SO adorable? Annnd, thank you so much for the Blog Award!!!

  7. Such a cute cardigan. I love white stockings but always think I'm too old to wear them!

  8. Thanks for the love :)
    I'm glad I stuck with the lighter colour combo, my first instinct is to always pair everything with black or darker colours, I very rarely wear so much light.
    I LOVE the stockings too, I have them in 3 different colours. I was a little hesitant about the white stockings at first too, but now I love em.
    I love with vintage how you can find items that are really different (and usually pretty cheap too) I think the purse was about $6 and the necklace maybe about $10.

  9. Love the blue flats and that necklace is so pretty.

  10. I need all your tights! they are awesome!