Sunday, April 4, 2010

Golden Girls

I was going to show my usual Bling of the Day, but I went to my Grandma's for Easter and she really liked my necklace, so I gave it to her. So instead, I'll concentrate on using her and her peers as inspiration. The black and white picture is of her from Christmas. She mostly opts for comfy casual these days as she needs to care for my Grandpa, but back in the day she had some serious style. My Grandma's where I get my artistic capabilities from, we used to spend hours together painting. She's a skilled sewer and for years made most of her own clothing. She's done quite a bit of traveling and her house and style have always reflected that. The other older lady I'm sure you'll recognize is the Queen. Seen as dowdy by some, I think she's got some awesome style. Check out her coordination skills, she always looks so put together. She's got the typical gloves and hat, slightly overdressed style that I love. The other ladies I've featured are from the Blog Advanced Style. It's got the best dressed old ladies and gents. Being of advanced age seems to give you a certain I don't give a dammed what you think freedom that I wish I had.

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