Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Paper Bag Princess - BOTD, OOTD & POTD!

I was doing my daily read of blogs I love and saw that Oranges & Apples had started a bag challenge. ( She's using a different bag every day for 30 days. Once upon a time, I used to switch up my bag on a daily basis, but I've been slacking lately and using the same one for ages. I got this red one about a month ago in a thrift store and I've been wearing it so much that the handle is getting worn. I figured it was a sign that I should mix it up a bit. So I'll be joining in her challenge and invite you all to as well. If you care to join me, post pics on your blog, and/or e-mail them to me and I'll throw em in with my daily post. So for the next 30 days in addition to my daily Bling of the Day, I'll be including my purse of the day. May throw in the occasional Outfit of the day too.
Today's outfit is pretty casual again, I'm wearing jeans from Reitmans, a tank and sweater from Ricki's, shoes from Payless and necklace from a party supply store called Party Packagers. The necklace I found in with the party beads (like Mardi Gras beads, Hawaiian lei's etc) I thought the little skulls were kinda cute, so bought two and wear them together. The Purse I posted once before, it's made by a company called Farnell Paris that doesn't seem to exist any longer. I thought it was really cute, but needed a little somethin-somethin, so added this vintage broach. So I bid my little red bag farewell for now.


  1. hey, thanks for doing the challenge! This bag is absolutely gorgeous! I'm not doing it for 30 days though, just 7! The main reason is that I can't keep up taking a photo every day for a whole month, I'm not usually a daily style person because I just don't have the time and I like to post about other stuff too. well done you if you can keep it up for 30 days though!

  2. Thanks :)
    I post my jewelery everyday anyways, so throwing in a picture of my purse isn't much more work.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the pin brooch on the bag.. I am a purse gal myself.. I must admit I'm wearing two purses at once right now. I have my Vera Amy bag inside my Neiman Marcus tote... me bad!