Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brigette Bardot has got nothing on me!

Bardot was known for her bedhead, ladies & gentlemen I present to you: my bed head.
Ok, maybe she was known for having sexy bedhead, she might have me beat there, but I'm pretty sure my bedhead could take hers on in a bar fight. The Grumpy Danish is a lucky man, he gets to wake up and see this every morning. (well almost this. To be honest I did throw on some lipstick before taking the picture) Today is my Saturday, so think I'm going to head downtown and hang out by the waterfront. I'll return later to post some BOTD pics and my purse of the day. (hopefully with some better looking hair too) Also starting tomorrow I'll be joining Jennifer on her 27 dresses challenge. She's wearing 27 dresses in 27 days. She bent the rules a little bit and is allowing skirts too, which I'll probably have to take advantage of. I wear skirts and dresses probably 80% of the time anyways, but I have a few favourites I wear often, so this will encourage me to mix it up.
Like giveways? Me too, but I'm too broke for now to do my own, so visit my girl at for a chance to win a Torrid Gift card or a Sephora gift card.


  1. I love it! You are too funny and The Grumpy Danish should feel completely privleged to wake up next to your bed head! Rock it doll!


  2. Fantastic, you're like a pretty little fashionista troll doll :)

  3. lol, fashionista troll doll, I love it! Stiletto called me a doll too, so must be true.

  4. LMAO!It actually looks a little more like Cameron Diaz in something about Mary.

  5. lol, I often get mistaken for Cameron Diaz.