Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping Therepy

It's Marie's birthday on the weekend, so obviously I needed someething new to wear. So off to the mall I went with one of my closest friends, Kat-O-Gram. (may not be entirely her real name) She's featured in the picture of us three lovley ladies, she's the tall one with the green coat. We've been close friends since about grade 7, unfortunately her fashion sense for quite some time was stuck in grade 7. Worse still, the fashion of a grade seven boy. I give her props though, she is slowly evolving. Thanks to my bad influence today, she spent a ridiculas amount of money and got some pretty cute stuff. One of her finds was the blazer shown from Ricki's. It looked great on her and is perfect to dress up or down. I gave in to yet another dress from Ricki's. I actually tried on four different dresses today and was tempted by each one. One was a bit too big and one a tad too small, this one fit just right. (the fourth was pretty good too, chances are I may be back for it) Tragically I didn't find any jewelery today though. (I did get 4 pieces from a thrift store yesterday though, so don't feel too bad for me) All in all I had a great day with a great friend. About 10 minutes after she dropped me off at home there was a knock on the door, what to my wondering eyes did appear? Cupcakes! She brought me over some from a batch she made. So now I'm hanging out at home, pigging out on cupcakes and about to watch some quality TV while attempting to alter a dress I got from the thrift store yesterday. All in all, it was a pretty good Thursday. (The picture of me I snapped before heading out the door this morning. It's my self made safety pin necklace)

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