Sunday, April 4, 2010

The bastards sold my castle

A couple streets from where I live is a magical castle. Some people like the Grumpy Danish have no imigination and thinks it's only a fancy house, but I know better. I've written about Toronto a few times because it's got much better shopping, but I actually live about an hour north in a town of 130,000 people called Barrie. I've lived here since I was about two years old, not counting a brief stint in Toronto during college. Looking through old pictures, Barrie had some beautiful buildings in the past. Unfortunately many of them have been torn down to make way for new ones, or have burned down. The grandest of the old buildings still stands though, it's a little worse for wear (ok, a lot worse, it needs a lot of work) but you'd need some work done too if you'd been around 132 years. The object of my affection is called Lounts Castle, built in 1878 by William Lount. History books will tell you he was a lawyer and member of parliment, but I choose to believe he was actually an eccentric millionarie with a british accent and a pet monkey. Recently the castle went up for sale and was going for the bargain price of $600,000. Now $600,000 is far more then I have and ever will have, but you have to admit is a bargain price for a castle. For the past year as the for sale sign stood posted in it's yard, I've entertained fantasies of buying the castle and restoring it to it's former glory. I've never been inside, but the crowning glory of the castle is that it has a ballroom. I've always felt that something was missing from my life, and I now realize what's been missing is a ballroom. How cool would it be to get decked out in your finest ballgown and play dodgeball in your own ballroom. (I realize a ballroom isn't actualy for playing ball, but i don't waltz much, though it's possibly because I've never had a ballroom to do it in) Unfortunatley despite my generous offer of taking the castle off their hands for free, when driving by a couple days ago, I noticed the illustrious For Sale sign had been sullied with a sold sticker. My hopes and dreams have been dashed. At this point only copious amounts of jewelery will mend my broken heart.

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