Monday, April 12, 2010

Cute things that someone should buy me.

Hello my lovlies, I'm back. Had an awesome weekend, hope you did too. Tomorrow I'll be back to posting my BOTD, but for now, here's some online finds to hold you over. Browsing through and found yet some more items for my wish list (yes, it's a very long list that keeps growing) First I found these fancy gloves, think they would look so cute with dresses. They seem to say "these hands are not meant for hard labour, I'm going to go shopping now, please carry my parcels" And with my gloved hands I'd be carrying this parasol (all the better to keep my pallor colour) Also loved the bright neon yellow necklace, so fun. The Grumpy Danish may disagree, but I need some more bright fun shoes, these three pairs should be a good start.

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