Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Birds & The Bees & The Flowers & The Trees (I'm allergic to all of them) BOTD 04/14/2010

Well Spring must be officially here, cause I can't breathe at all. Feeling lousy, but I got lucky and got to leave work early, so at least I can feel wretched at home. As soon as all the pretty little flowers start to peak their heads from the soil I start sneezing and sniffing. *Fingers Crossed* I've never had a food allergy, but I'm allergic to almost everything else. Fortunately I always have my jewelery to comfort me. Today's BOTD I picked up yesterday at a store called Laura's. It sells mostly clothing, mostly to people much older then I am, but I've picked up a few cute skirts, dresses, sweaters and pieces of jewelery over the years. The necklace featured I got on sale for $6.99. It's a little bit gothy (which I like)
The bracelet featured I got from Aldo's. I actually have another one the same in bright yellow. I love jewelery in neon colours. It's kinda cheap and cheerful looking.

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