Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Accessories Easy Peasy

I've heard some people say they don't know how to accessorize. To me this is a foreign idea. To me, not wearing accessories is like going out not fully dressed. Despite her royal pedigree, the pale and pallor princess is not wealthy. Also being a plus sized girl can make finding cute clothing difficult sometimes. To make the most of what I have accessorizing is practically a necessity. You can dress fairly basically and completely change your look with shoes, jewelery, purses, scarves etc. To see some awesome examples of this check out Blogger Sheena is wearing the same dress for a year and only changing it up with layers and accessories.
Today I wore a fairly basic outfit, jeans, a navy tank top and a green argyle sweater. (you can also see me wearing the sweater in my profile pic) I wanted to show how many different options there are to wear with it. People are often guilty of finding a look they like and sticking with it. It's easy to think this sweater goes with this necklace and always wear the two together. I've matched my outfit up with a whole bunch of different jewelery and I'll also be showing how to put it together with other accessories to make a complete look.
I used a whole lot of accessories, so if you want info about any particular pieces, just leave a comment and I'll let you know where it's from.


  1. I love that cardi - its so cute! Where's it from?

  2. It's a company in Canada called Joe Fresh.
    Unfortunately I don't think they actually sell online. They have a couple stores, but most of their stuff is actually sold inside grocery stores. I've bought a few really cute sweaters from them.