Friday, April 16, 2010

Tinkerbell is not amused OOTD

Spent the day with my Grandma thrifting and running errands, so today's outfit is pretty casual. Moving into a new apartment June 15th, so trying to find furniture and such so we don't have to make people sit on boxes when they come over. Managed to find a couple really nice mirrors and a couple pretty bud vases. Also found a cute wicker purse, but I was supposed to be looking at home stuff, so my Grandma dragged me away (as much as someone that weighs 113 pounds and is 5 ft high can drag me) I suppose I already have 3 or so wicker purses, so I'll probably live.
Today's outfit consists of a shirt & shoes I got from Winners (the Canadian equivalent of TJ Maxx) Jeans from Reitmans, earrings from Suzy Shier, belt from Laura and bracelet from Aldo's. My glasses are also making a rare appearance. I'm actually pretty blind and should probably wear them all the time, but I hardly ever do. It's not so much a vanity thing, as I think some glasses can be really cute, but more that I just don't like having something on my face, it bugs me. I'm also not talented enough to wear contacts, so I make do with squinting and getting other people to read signs and such for me. Also making a cameo is Tinkerbell the Manly cat. For those of you new to my blog (welcome by the way! :) he's my snobby cat that doesn't like me very much. He let me pick him up and pose with him for a couple pictures, but when I thought it would be amusing to take a picture of him wearing my shoes he was having none of it and promptly tried to bite me and then ran away.


  1. that is one huge cat! I love your cute glasses too!

  2. haha he's cute if a little crabby!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. Please feed yer cat
    Love, your mama