Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Iggy Pop-py - BOTD 04/13/2010

Once again I chopped some more hair off. At this point I can't get much shorter, so I'll have to think of something else to switch things up. lol, my brother said he liked it better before. the bum. I did get a few compliments at work though and I like it, so to heck with what he thinks. I tend to wear necklaces most of the time, so figure it was time to show some love to some earrings. This pair of pretty poppies were bought at Le Chateau. They have a kind of vintage 60's feel to them. I paired them today with my new dress from Ricki's (which I'll have to take some pictures of soon)


  1. wow the hair is amazing i love it I've been thinking of doing the same! I love it looks great on you

  2. Aww your new hair is soo cute - I've been thinking of getting something similar but feel too attached to my bob :)

  3. Thanks guys :)
    I was a bit hesitant, but figured it grows back worst case scenario. I'm glad I did it now though.